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The following links are all external and therefore beyond the control of this website. It is hoped you will find them a useful resource The words of the Roman historian Josephus describing Jesus The perfect Bible Study software and it's free, totally free. Blue Letter Bible Study Website Audio Bible, really great to have the word of God read to you. Bible Dictionaries, great study tool A website dedicated to Polycarp a student of the Apostle John and Church Father. Greek / English translator Bible.Org another great resource for personal study The location of the early church is revealed through this website. Church history timeline Early Christian Fathers A Christian website with resources to aid discipleship including training materials A useful website concerned with holy scripture in the Eastern Orthodox Church Global Catholic Television Network One of the web's greatest study resources A website concerned with how the New Testament was put together A Bible Basics Website packed with useful information The Sword Project. A fantastic resource for all who love Gods word. A website dedicated to different religions A comprehensive list of Saints from the 1st Cent to present day A very touching version of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy A very useful Bible Atlas Website with maps of all the places mentioned in the Bible. Worthy Links - Christian Search Engine The Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry A Christian website directory An uplifting Orthodox Christian radio station A useful bible study resource The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt The Lindisfarne Gospels The Life and Miracles of St Cuthbert Bible Study Tools Commentary on the Book of Revelation A large bible study gateway The cave where John wrote the Book of Revelation Pictures of the New Testament Papyri Official Website of the Church of Greece Official Website of the Church of England The weebsite of the Holy Sepulchre A vast Bible Commentary Resource Learning New Testament Greek Westcott and Hort Resource Centre
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